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S Brooker & Associates Ltd offer a range of services that help with fire prevention, safety, remedial action and engineering


Fire Safety Engineering

S Brooker Associates Ltd offer a full fire engineering design service covering all aspects of building and process fire safety. Designs can be prepared for life safety to comply with legislation, for reducing potential commercial loss and business interruption and to protect property and the environment.

S Brooker Associates Ltd not only provides designs based on prescriptive regulations and codes of practice but is fully conversant with the preparation of fire safety designs from first principles and agreeing these designs with regulatory authorities including Building Control and the Health and Safety Executive.

Services include

  • Design for means of escape
  • Compartmenation schemes
  • Passive fire protection
  • Structural protection
  • Design and specification of fire detection and suppression.
  • Smoke Control
  • Selection of building materials
  • Protection of safety critical systems
  • Process fire safety
  • Commissioning and verification of installed systems.
  • Acceptance of works on behalf of client.

S Brooker Associates Ltd can undertake independent review of fire protection specifications, tenders, fire engineering calculations and computer fire modeling.


Protection of high value components from fire.   Specialist advice for older
buildings that cannot
practicably meet
modern standards

Risk Assessment

S Brooker Associates Ltd can undertake fire risk assessment for compliance with the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations.

These regulations came into force in 1997 and were amended in 1999 to cover all premises including those fire certificated under the Fire Precautions Act 1971 and the Fire Certificate (Special Premises) Regulations 1976.

All premises are now required to have undertaken a fire risk assessment where there are one or more employees.

S Brooker Associates Ltd can undertake these assessments either using a simple check list approach (suitable for small buildings) or more comprehensively on a room by room / area basis with results recorded in a database.

Risk assessments can be integrated into the overall fire safety management system.

Databases can include layout drawings, digital photographs of areas and electronic links to other parts of a fire safety management system.

Recommendations from the fire risk assessment can be prepared as a scope of remedial work and the risk re-evaluated once the work has been completed or procedures have been adopted to manage the risk.


Fire Investigation

S Brooker Associates Ltd can undertake investigations of fires in both commercial and domestic properties. Fire investigations can be undertaken for insurers or directly for companies who may wish to establish the cause of a fire to prevent recurrence.

Investigations can be undertaken not only into cause but also failures in the means of construction or use of materials that may have allowed the fire to spread.



Halon Replacement

S Brooker Associates Ltd offer impartial independent advice for the replacement and disposal of Halon 1301 and 1211 systems or selection of new fire suppression agents.

S Brooker Associates Ltd can undertake hazard analysis of protected areas to determine if a replacement is required and if necessary propose a suitable alternative.

Options could include high sensitivity smoke detection systems with no replacement of an extinguishing gas. Water mist. Pyrotechnically generated dry powder, inert gases etc. Our experienced engineers will determine the most cost beneficial alternative.

In many circumstances replacement may be unnecessary due to such criteria as backup of data ( electronic or hard copy), changes to fire safety management strategies or structural improvements



Applications include:
  • Electrical switchrooms
  • Spray booths
  • Computer rooms
  • Marine engine spaces
  • Offshore platforms
  • Turbine enclosures
  • Archives
  • Gloveboxes


SBA Thermographics - Thermography Services

SBA Thermographics is a division of S Brooker Associates Ltd and provides a service for predictive maintenance of electrical systems, energy conservation, heat losses and assessment of thermal insulation efficiency to name but a small number of the possible uses for thermal imaging. SBAThermal use non cooled high resolution cameras with post survey manipulative software. Please visit our main site for thermal imaging services at


Overheating fuse carrier

Overheating connection

Thermography is a predictive maintenance tool that can be used to detect events that could lead to fires, such as:

  • Overheating electrical connections
  • Overheating bearings
  • Blocked cooling fins
  • Defective lagging on hot exhausts
  • Defective lagging on hot steam pipes.

Overheating fan motor

Heat losses from house

Thermography can not only be used to detect incipient fire events before they occur but can be used for a wide range of applications including identification of heat losses from buildings, locating blockages in pipes and detecting leaks under flat roofs. Please visit our website dedicated to thermal imaging at


Fire Testing

S Brooker Associates Ltd offer fire test specification, management and reporting services. S Brooker Associates Ltd can specify and manage fire tests on behalf of clients. These tests can be undertaken on behalf of clients at one of the independent approved fire test laboratories throughout the UK.

Ad hoc IEC 332 test on 'fire retardant' plastic components


Typical applications could include:

  • Fire resistance tests for non standard door types or construction materials.
  • Fire performance tests for materials.
  • Testing for ease of ignition.
  • Tests for toxic products of combustion.

Results can be prepared as a standalone report or as part of an overall fire safety design justification.



S Brooker Associates Ltd offer a training service that can be undertaken at client's premises or at an appropriate venue. Training can be given on such topics as fire hazard analysis, fire safety design, risk assessment, fire prevention etc.

S Brooker Associates Ltd can provide not only formal 'class room' based training presentations but practical 'on site' training for personnel.

S Brooker Associates Ltd would be pleased to discuss your training needs.