Wednesday, January 19

Nuclear Power Plants

S Brooker Associates Ltd have many years experience working in the Nuclear power and Nuclear Chemical industry and our engineers have first-hand experience of working at Nuclear facilities both in the UK and Eastern Europe. Additionally, Stephen Brooker has worked extensively at power and reprocesssing facilities and has been involved in the development and critique of guidance for fire safety in the nuclear industry. S brooker has extensive eperience invloved in decomissioning strategies for fire safety at the UK Magnox Nuclear power stations

Services include:

  • Conventional fire safety case
  • Nuclear fire safety case
  • Fire Research and Development
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Assessment for continued operations
  • Technical specifications
  • Procedural documentation
  • Assessment of safety critical equipment
  • Fire Investigation
  • Fire Safety Management Systems
  • Identification of glovebox fire hazards
  • Glovebox fire detection and suppression
  • Glovebox Halon replacements
  • Fire safety solutions

Marine & Offshore Industry

S Brooker was employed in the offshore oil industry for eight years and has extensive practical experience working on offshore platforms on fire suppression and detection systems.

Consultancy projects that S Brooker has undertaken for offshore clients include.

  • Study of the discharge characteristics of Halon systems protecting turbine enclosures
  • Investigation into the spurious operation of a fire water deluge system and effects on an emergency diesel generator
  • Preparation of naval marine standards
  • Surveys of over 30 gaseous fire suppression systes on naval vessels

Consultancy projects that S Brooker has undertaken for marine clients include.

  • Halon replacement strategy and fire risk assessement of a luxury yacht (Savannah).
  • Investigation into the cause of an explosion and fire on a container vessel (Panama).
  • Investigation into the cause of an explosion on a refuelling barge (New York).


S Brooker Associates Ltd have undertaken projects for the pharmaceutical industry including fire risk assessment and the specification for a new facility using methanol within an existing process building. This specification was prepared to satisfy insurers and took into consideration existing materials of construction e.g. polystyrene sandwich panels, hazardous area zoning, fire detection and suppression and explosion relief venting.

Petrochemical & Refinery Industry

S Brooker Associates Ltd have experience of undertaking fire risk assessment for the petrochemical and refinery industry.

Work undertaken includes surveys for compliance with the Fire Certificates (Special Premises) Regulations and preparation of a scope of work for remedial work.

Aircraft Industry

S Brooker has undertaken fire risk assessments for aircraft hangers and machinery workshops for airline operators in Europe. The work was undertaken for insurers and included the preparation of a scope of remedial work.

Other Industries


S Brooker Associates Ltd have undertaken work for a wide range of clients including:

  • Private Residential Homes
  • Local Authority Sheltered Housing
  • Churches
  • Architects
  • Hotels
  • A large exhibiton hall (Scotland)
  • A large multi occupancy atrium building (Scotland)